Milos Raonic talks Serve Strategy

DATE PUBLISHED: 2015/06/10@4:37:11 PM

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Listen to Milos discuss his mindset when stepping up to the service line. He works to make all his serves have the same motion to keep opponents guessing. Serving consistently over 130 MPH also make his serve one of the fastest in the game.

A Bad Ball Toss can ruin a Great Service Motion

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/30@2:05:39 AM


Getting a smooth reliable ball-toss in the right spot, every time, is the key to developing a consistent, reliable serve.

Roger Federer backhand, forehand and serve practice at 2013 Indian Wells.

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/21@8:24:40 PM

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Roger Federer’s backhand warming up, with forehand and serve in a video recorded at the 2013 Indian Wells Open.

Milos Raonic practicing serves at LATC with UCLA men’s team

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/18@10:38:48 PM

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Milos Raonic’s game keeps improving. He moved up 3 notches from 11th to 8th since the end of 2013. Watch him practice serve before his next match at the US Open.