Stan Wawrinka compilation of 70 backhand winners

DATE PUBLISHED: 2015/04/11@11:07:52 PM

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Watch some great backhands from one of the best in the game.

Watch some cool backhands and other highlights courtesy Santiago Giraldo

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/31@11:52:17 PM

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Watch some great backhands from Santiago Giraldo.

Roger Federer backhand, forehand and serve practice at 2013 Indian Wells.

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/21@8:24:40 PM

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Roger Federer’s backhand warming up, with forehand and serve in a video recorded at the 2013 Indian Wells Open.

Helpful Tips for the Slice Backhand

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/21@1:12:53 AM

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The backhand slice is a great shot to use when your opponent hits a cross-court that forces you wide on the backhand side. It keeps the ball in play and the underspin prevents your opponent from taking advantage.

Rafael Nadal’s Two-Handed Backhand in Slow Motion

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/17@11:06:36 PM

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Mastering the two-handed backhand gives you a great weapon for hitting powerful, deep groundstrokes with lots of topspin. Very helpful going cross-court with power when near the net.