Here is how to play a Tiebreak when the score is tied 6 to 6.

DATE PUBLISHED: 2015/09/19@9:27:52 PM

SECTION: How to Play Tennis

At 6-6 next server: 1st Point DEUCE COURT – change server – 2nd Point AD COURT / 3rd Point DEUCE COURT – change server … continue AD/DUECE serving each in turn until a player has both 7 or more points and a 2 point advantage.

Milos Raonic talks Serve Strategy

DATE PUBLISHED: 2015/06/10@4:37:11 PM

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Listen to Milos discuss his mindset when stepping up to the service line. He works to make all his serves have the same motion to keep opponents guessing. Serving consistently over 130 MPH also make his serve one of the fastest in the game.

Stan Wawrinka compilation of 70 backhand winners

DATE PUBLISHED: 2015/04/11@11:07:52 PM

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Watch some great backhands from one of the best in the game.

Watch some cool backhands and other highlights courtesy Santiago Giraldo

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/31@11:52:17 PM

SECTION: Backhand

Watch some great backhands from Santiago Giraldo.

Short clip showing a well executed Backhand Slice

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/31@1:53:08 AM

SECTION: Slow Motion

If you develop a reliable one-handed slice backhand you will be able to reach a lot of balls that go wide to your backhand side. Especially helpful for the return of serve when the server takes you wide.

Andy Murray in Slow Motion doing Forehands, Backhands and Serves

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/30@11:09:14 PM

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Watch Andy Murry in slow motion practice serves, forehands and backhands as he prepares for a match @Indian Wells 2013.

A Bad Ball Toss can ruin a Great Service Motion

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/30@2:05:39 AM


Getting a smooth reliable ball-toss in the right spot, every time, is the key to developing a consistent, reliable serve.

A Close-up Look Roger Federer’s Forehand Grip

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/30@1:56:56 AM

SECTION: Play Tennis, The Proper Grips
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Part of perfect form is the perfect grip for both the shot and the player. This video gives you a close-up look at the grip Roger Federer uses for his awesome forehands.

Do You Have the Proper Grip?

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/30@1:39:22 AM

SECTION: The Proper Grips

This is a good video to start with when learning the proper way to grip the racquet for different shots. Having the right grip for the shot allows for more transfer of power and better control.

The Drop Shot – How to finish the shot properly and increase success.

DATE PUBLISHED: 2014/12/30@1:22:27 AM

SECTION: Drop Shot, Play Tennis

Completing the drop shot motion properly will increase spin and allow you to 'drop' the ball closer to the net on the opponents side.